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Firms take on big overtime cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws. No overtime for associates, though.

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Background Upfront. LawComix is a collection of legal cartoons from projects by lawyer-cartoonist Charles Fincher. Fincher's work has run in over 100 law-related publications in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand. Click here to go to the index for the LawComix collection. He also authors The Illustrated Daily Scribble which won the People's Pick award for best Web political cartoon of 2006 at His former political strip Thadeus & Weez ran in the opinion sections of eight daily print newspapers and three online papers. Allison Wilder and Judge Gonzo have not been published and are seen publicly for the first time here. Courthouse Square ran in a small legal publication, and Motion Commotion was done for a fund-raising auction. The rest have been published.

The name "LawComix" and "Scribble-in-Law" are trademarks and servicemarks and are also copyrighted 2006 by Charles Pugsley Fincher. All illustrations and comic strips together with their titles, names and characters appearing on this site are copyrighted 2006 by Charles Pugsley Fincher and may not be reproduced or used without his permission. Copyright 2006 by Charles Pugsley Fincher.

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