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"Fincher is part Texas lawyer, part polished artist." Robert J. Ambrogi Legal Blog Watch

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Richard M. Georges

"A talented artist and keen observer of the legal and political scene."
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"The stuff on his site is a treat for anyone who works with the law."

This cartoon is based on real E-mail scam. See Legal Blog Watch for details.
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Bitcher & Prickman caption: Prickman falls victim to e-mail scam for lawyers (See Legal Blog Watch for full story on the scam). Gets e-mail by overseas company requesting he represent it in collection of debt. Checks company out as seeming legititmate. Accepts and then is e-mailed that the debtor settled at threat of litigation. Phony client sends forged cashier's check to Prickman to deposit in his firm's trust account. Then he is supposed to wire the money to an overseas bank less his fee. This is where Prickman escapes the scam as there's no money left to wire after he takes out his exorbitant fee. 09.15.08

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