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"Fincher is part Texas lawyer, part polished artist." Robert J. Ambrogi Legal Blog Watch

"Fincher's humor and wit are now available at his new blog, Scribble-in- Law, and are highly recommended."
Richard M. Georges

"A talented artist and keen observer of the legal and political scene."
Mary Whisner, Trial Ad

"The stuff on his site is a treat for anyone who works with the law."
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Thanksgiving as fun as an apex deposition
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Live Cartoon Projects by Fincher
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Fincher Paints Chemerinsky
LawComix lawyer-artist Charles Pugsley Fincher was hired to do a fantasy illustration of famous constitutional law scholar and law school dean, Erwin Chemerinsky as a Chicago Cubs shortstop. See the painting and read the full story.

Bitcher & Prickman comic strip synopsis: Edward asks Ms. Bithcher how her Thanksgiving was. Ms. B then goes on to describe how she made her daughter even more neurotic. Bitcher wraps it up by commenting that it was almost as much fun as an apex deposition. 12.01.08

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