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"A talented artist and keen observer of the legal and political scene."
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01.24.11 Mediation strategy to target the umbrella carrier
01.17.11 Theatrical Will Signing.
12.27.10 Billing program has inspirational 3D graphics.
12.13.10 Santa's sleigh improperly lighted by red-nosed reindeer
Cow argues damages to jury.
11.29.10 Sandra's instinct was to get her fee up-front.
Thanksgiving turkey trial.
11.15.10 Cat and mouse negotiations.
11.08.10 Judge and his gavel assistant.
11.04.10 After 16 hours of mediation, mediator morphs.
11.01.10 Judicial Aerobics.
10.25.10 Halloween hearing.
10.18.10 Deadlocked mediation...quit ignoring elephant in the room.
10.11.10 BigVerdict...Big head.
10.04.10 Judge not stepping down from the bench.
09.27.10 When you wish you'd hired local counsel.
09.20.10 Mediators flirting with suggestion of doing high-low.
09.13.10 Negligent dance moves.
09.05.10 Mediation between firms of Mongoose and Cobra.
08.30.10 Insurance coverage issue: Was injury caused by horseplay?
08.16.10 Robert would float trial balloons at firm meetings.
08.10.10 Sock puppet criticizes clients wanting patent.
08.02.10 Cat paternity suit.
07.26.10 Smart phones...using during depositions to text and e-mail.
07.19.10 Dunce caps show who annoys boss at firm meetings.
07.12.10 Mediator says no tweeting at mediation.
07.05.10 Always late to meetings, Zoe makes dramatic entrances.
06.28.10 Hourly-billing lawyer cages.
06.21.10 Vampire law firm, Dracula & Dracula, collects judgment.
06.14.10 Mediation negotiations move to chicken fight in mediator's pool.
06.07.10 Judge Buonarroti prepares to announce discretionary ruling.
05.24.10 Mediaton with a theme to break people out of their molds.
05.17.10 Cupid testifies at divorce trial.
05.10.10 Mediation surprise.
05.03.10 Celebrating Mr. Weisman's will.
04.26.10 Sock puppet proxy tells clients their case sucks.
04.19.10 Defense counsel tries to minimize damages with crab plaintiff.
04.12.10 The bag-head revolt.
04.05.10 Extending a lifetime annuity.
03.31.10 Should have retained local counsel.
03.22.10 Rainmakers talking shop.
03.15.10 Lawyer's dilemma: Client wants to divorce cat.
03.08.10 Defense cousnel goes sarcastic on parrot plaintiff.
03.07.10 Firm policy on "ids" of office rivals.
02.01.10 Wabbits of the jury.
01.25.10 "Home-Clowned" at mediation.
01.18.10 New associate at first firm meeting.
01.11.10 Judge mandates mouse ears for expert witness's qualifications.
01.04.10 Duck testifies at medical malpractice trial.
12.28.09 Father Time mediates.
12.16.09 The truth behind the Rudolph reindeer story.
12.07.09 Pre-Sex Agreement, or rent due at the law office.
11.30.09 Unchecked big egos at the mediaiton.
11.23.09 Counsel's slanted opening.
11.16.09 Cow mediation moos.
11.09.01 Upping the E&O coverage suddenly became a front-burner issue.
11.02.09 Judge instructs witness to answer question.
10.26.09 Hot-Air Robe festival.
10.19.09 Will jury buy Superman's injuries?
10.12.09 Witness doesn't state name so tattoo with name is marked as exhibit.
10.05.09 Giraffe mediator breaks ice with lame joke.
09.28.09 Trying to file a case in the court you want -- i.e., filing roulette.
09.21.09 General Counsel wants to reduce Pricman's fee for padding.
09.14.09 Intellectual property lawyers talking dirty. Trolling for patents.
09.07.09 Mediator senses long day of war stories.
08.31.09 Trial team strategizes with Ouija Board.
08.24.09 Patent attorney and the Swiss Army Briefcase.
08.17.09 "Hold your breath till your face turns blue" negotiation at mediation.
08.10.09 Matador sues bull.
08.03.09 Mediation posturing.
07.27.09 Key man insurance deposition.
07.20.09 Lame legal market pressures rainmaker to close deal wtih clients.
07.13.09 Referring to medical expert as Dr. Quack and snickering.
07.06.09 Tethered for inflated opening statements at mediation.
06.29.09 Bobblehead law.
06.22.09 Personal questions during the deposition "The Python."
06.15.09 Wanda and the winds of change at the firm.
06.08.09 Senior partner in bonding exercise with associates.
05.31.09 Quorums for firm meetings post-downsizing.
05.25.09 Divorce client drones on and on and on and...Lawyer with fake glasses.
05.18.09 In tight legal market, clients want to be paid hourly fee.
05.11.09 Doppleganger Divorce: When not to quote a flat fee over the phone.
05.04.09 Did Todd really understand the expression "voting with your feet"?
04.27.09 Fear of being deequitized in DSM-IV?
04.20.09 Managing partner and tip jar at firm meeting -- tough times.
04.13.09 Scoring the cross-examination of opposing counsel.
04.06.09 Cross-examining the Easter Bunny.
03.30.09 Carrie contemplates sex change to gray-haired guy.
03.23.09 Challenge to expert's qualifications ends up with mouse ears.
03.16.09 Managing partner does "the wave" alone, knows days numbered.
03.09.09 Contempt or Entertainment?
03.02.09 Law firm's gang signs.
02.23.09 No one moved to recuse Judge Thomas "Tiny" Tamez.
02.16.09 Cross-examination bears fruit.
02.09.09 Learning to live life one-tenth of an hour at a time.
02.02.09 Softening up opposing counsel.
01.26.09 Pulling an all-nighter getting prepared for the mediation.
01.19.09 Contemplating the future when your once-thriving practice tanks.
01.12.09 Mediaiton "good cop/bad cop" negotiating tool.
01.05.09 Excessive celebration penalty after expert witness caught in contradiction.
12.29.08 Suggestions for reviving firms profitability during the recession.
12.22.08 Lawyer cross-examines Santa Claus in big elf discrimination suit.
12.15.08 Ears flattened and back arched -- The cornered (cat) witness.
12.08.08 Specialty niche as part of the pretrial posturing team.
12.01.08 The attorney-client relationship was in decline.
11.24.08 Bill spreads his wings and gets on partnership track.
11.17.08 Intellectual property lawyers talking dirty.
11.10.08 Appellate panel unfavorable to keeping punitive damages.
11.03.08 Dog leaves estate to cat causing will signing to be taped.
10.27.08 The premises liability case of Humpty Dumpty from his fall.
10.20.08 Impatient with slow pace of mediation, Nancy resorts to noogies.
10.13.08 Ventriloquist dummy testifies amid hearsay objections.
10.06.08 Tamara's first and last "friendly divorce" at a reduced fee.
09.29.08 Somebody will not make partner.
09.22.08 The frog judge wants a kiss from the princess.
09.15.08 Arnie's arguments and the sleep clinic patients.
09.08.08 Rainmaker messes with clients -- Split the check.
09.01.08 Judge searches for rule on plaintiff and defense counsel holing hands.
08.25.08 Trouble getting clients to take legal matters seriously.
08.18.08 Jury wears mouse ears ... are they taking case seriously?
08.11.08 The dress code didn't cover Harold's hat.
08.04.08 The mime's depo was difficult ... for the court reporter.
07.29.08 Samantha, the new clerk, files the motion.
07.21.08 "Junior-High" Johnson poised with slingshot to disrupt questioning.
07.14.08 Sometimes there aren't enough strikes at jury selection.
07.08.08 Strategy to exploit mediator's rumored high-heels fetish.
06.30.08 Winston falls for prank memo about cross-dressing for meeting.
06.23.08 Co-counsel acts to save case.
06.16.08 Invisible Man sees intellectual property lawyer.
06.09.08 Counsel came prepared to work the judge with their bow ties.
06.02.08 Judge wants to dismiss jury for a real roll of the dice.
05.26.08 State judge acts out, flies bench, when no nod for federal bench.
05.19.08 Witness prepped for cross questions barked by "Bulldog."
05.12.08 The big-idea bulb--Show-off when floor opens for ideas
05.05.08 Deposition going really, really good or really, really bad.
04.28.08 The "hot air" effect causes expert witness to be tethered.
04.21.08 Was mediator taking presentation seriously or clearing sinuses?
04.14.08 Cross-examining the witnesses sock puppet creates double bind.
04.07.08 Gunslinging mediator efficiently removes obstruction to settlement.
03.31.08 Alternate Dispute Resolution: One-on-one basketball.
03.24.08 Mr. Baily would suck the oxygen out of the room.
03.17.08 Cross-examining the bunny witness (Easter Bunny).
03.10.08 Sylvia hometowned by Frisbee, but not playing ball.
03.03.08 Caught lying about boss' idea being brilliant.
02.25.08 Rainmaker's dilemma: Was he really landing Wendy's account.
02.18.08 Pigheadedness brings mediation to samurai negotiation.
02.11.08 Divorce lawyer utilizes empathy props for managing client relations.
02.04.08 Judge Marian "Quick Draw" McGraw moves her docket along.
01.28.08 Judge orders counsel to stop bickering, so they use surrogates.
01.21.08 The mediation stalled at the eleventh hour ... mediator's secret weapon.
01.14.08 The specialty niche of wills leaving estates to cats.
01.07.08 Mediator has knack for making both sides identify with him.
12.31.07 Judge Time doesn't grant continuances.
12.24.07 Judge Claus stuffs stockings of lawyers who've been bad.
12.17.07 Lawyer Christmas.
12.10.07 Playing "Taps" for the firm's P&L.
12.03.07 Lying clients use the fake-halo trick.
11.26.07 Patricia senses that she's getting hometowned.
11.19.07 Mediatior uses last tool to break stalemate: rock, paper, scissor.
11.12.07 Blowing off the oral presentation at mediation in favor of nunchucks.
11.05.07 The wave for evasive witness.
10.29.07 The Q&A degenerated to a primal level.
10.22.07 Judicial bench wind farms.
10.15.07 Dating lawyers arranging the time for a date with each other.
10.08.07 The firm's hierarchy was visibly apparent.
10.01.07 Lawyer pays attention to drafting section dissolving partnership.
09.17.07 Studying the fine print when adversaries known for sneaking stuff in.
09.10.07 Judge Serling empanels the jury with his Trial Zone speech.
09.03.07 Bad beginning signals mediation to take longer than half-day.
08.27.07 Conjoined twins wrongly accused of double-billing.
08.20.07 Acknowledging clients' implicit message regarding the contract.
08.13.07 Name-calling for the jury--calling counsel "The Shark."
08.06.07 A floating Herman's argument was full of hot air.
07.30.07 Michelin Man discovers expert consulting in defective tire cases.
07.23.07 Managing partner makes other partners nervous.
07.16.07 Mediator's peacemaking skills at the mediation exceed expectations.
07.09.07 Winston specializes in estate planning for gang members ... gang signs.
07.02.07 Ignoring the elephant in the room at mediation.
06.25.07 Intellectual property lawyers flirting.
06.18.07 Judge slams case with discretionary ruling.
06.11.07 Hard hats in the courtroom.
06.04.07 No local rules on wearing mouse ears.
05.28.07 Weeded out of the firm.
05.21.07 Parry and thrust cross-exmaning the expert witness.
05.14.07 Exposing the firm's rebel ... sitting at an angle.
05.07.07 Co-counsel's disrupt Windsor's cross-examination.
04.30.07 Firm's partners decide to levitate.
04.23.07 Mediation has an inauspicious start.
04.16.07 Appellate panel may not be taking counsel's argument seriously.
04.09.07 Is the client taking his deposition seriously?
04.02.07 Presenting a uniform firm image.
03.26.07 Divorce mediator playing with dolls.
03.19.07 Cross-examination ... Happy face.
03.12.07 Board members accepted their role as potted plants.
03.05.07 Moving to disqualify a judge from a case.
02.26.07 Judge to bickering counsel: Don't address each other... sock puppets.
02.19.07 The "abuse of discretion" standard on appeal ... Judge wears a crown.
02.12.07 Williams the devil-may-care swashbuckler.
02.08.07 Witness denies surveillance photograph...loses credibility.
02.05.07 Telling partners from associates at the firm.
01.29.07 Old Mr. Brookings sees Penelope about a living trust.
01.22.07 Lance and Megan didn't make room for Morty at counsel table.
01.18.07 Birbaum forecasts the firm's fields of practice that will grow and shrink.
01.15.07 Cully Stimson, in charge of Gitmo detainee policy...shocked by lawyers.
01.08.07 Rebellion against leadership style.
01.03.07 Young associates' first trial entirely on their own.
12.27.06 Sock puppet in contempt.
12.20.06 Holiday spirit and the process server.
12.18.06 The firm's "whatever du jour" syle.
12.15.06 Grunt-and-groaner as crybaby on cross-examination.
12.13.06 Juice up will signings...grim reaper.
12.11.06 "Magic 8 Ball" jury deliberations.
12.08.06 The copyright line on the first date...Intellectual property lawyer.
12.06.06 Lawyer flashes gang hand signs.
12.04.06 Everyone goes along with teddy bears when federal judge decides.
12.01.06 Ms. Rothschild was the "Queen Bee."
11.29.06 The fat lady sings judge's ruling.
11.27.06 Training associates with noogies.
11.22.06 Mr. Wirthmore's crown ups D&O limits.
11.20.06 Recent CLE on trial tactics didn't cover this.
11.17.06 Young rainmakers-in-training learn laughter.
11.15.06 The witness plays a game of cat and mouse.
11.13.06 Thorton flies through the office singing "Over the Rainbow."
11.10.06 Did defense counsel factor in the warm-and-fuzzy factor?
11.08.06 Partners wear joke arrows-through-the-head provoking true feelings.
11.06.06 Under cross-examination, the witness exhibits edginess.
11.03.06 The firm gets fired before the free meal.
11.01.06 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil ... appellate court.
10.30.06 The Nancy Grace influence.
10.27.06 Rainmakers-in-training.
10.25.06 Thomspon tired of pinstripes.
10.23.06 One of the more contentious mediations.
10.20.06 A judge and his wife relaxing at home ... robes.
10.18.06 A challenge to the expert witness' qualifications ... X-ray glasses.
10.16.06 Miranda's client was a vulture.
10.13.06 Requesting a jury instruction about Megan's fake halo.
10.11.06 Board members do "the wave" at the meeting.
10.09.06 Who author's all those footnotes in court opinions?
10.06.06 What lines to lawyers use when they flirt with each other?
10.04.06 Bob doesn't read memo about 3-D glasses for the meeting.
10.02.06 Lawyer reveals to shrink his obsessive paranoid feelings.
09.29.06 Was Wortham indulging in ironic satire at the firm meeting?
09.27.06 Judge Rottwied hated to be reversed, but not Mister Bobs.
09.25.06 Winthrop decided to wear butterfly wings as a tactic.
09.22.06 Controlling the firm to the max ... Top skeleton partner.
09.20.06 The invertebrate octopus plaintiff.
09.18.06 The judge uses hand signals with opposing counsel.
09.14.06 They sat in highchairs at firm meetings.
09.13.06 Firm fares poorly before Judge Longhorn "Bull" Freerange.
09.11.06 Bob, hourly fees and grand entrances.
09.08.06 The mediator sensed trouble.
09.06.06 Thompson wore Savile Row, tailor-made suits with a twist.
09.01.06 The clients wondered about the strings.
08.30.06 Wiesman was an anomaly as an equity partner.
08.28.06 The judge instructs the witness about clowning around.
08.25.06 The hierarchy was apparent at Beanie.
08.23.06 Penelope puts her client and the snake on the stand.
08.21.06 Kinesky, the managing partner, urged the others to drink the Kool-Aid.
08.18.06 A target backdrop on cross-examination.
08.16.06 Lawyer meets with name plaintiffs in class action lawsuit about dummies.
08.14.06 Discussing the profit and loss statement at the firm meeting.
08.11.06 Wientrub believed in getting the jury's attention at closing argument.
08.09.06 The intensity of the rivalry was obvious once Bob began to wear wings.
08.07.06 The "take or leave it" ultimatum at negotiations.
08.04.06 Sabrina scores with her cross-examination.
08.02.06 Hobson's success and the shadow he cast on the landscape.
07.31.06 Judge Throckmorton, his violin and closing arguments.
07.28.06 Bradbury deals with talk at the office of his bad comb-over.
07.26.06 Higgens had said he would fly in for the meeting.
07.24.06 Carmichael was famous for leading adverse witnesses.
07.21.06 Associates privately wonder about being personal cheering squad.
07.19.06 Wills and estates attorney with ethical dilemma over teddy bear.
07.17.06 Moving van for mistrials, etc.
07.14.06 Hanson was a bit obvious about his upcoming vacation.
07.12.06 Julie hadn't read the memo on dress for the meeting.
07.10.06 A divorce lawyer playing with dolls.
07.07.06 Judge Throckmorton's eccentric dress code.
07.05.06 Using a business development expense account to entertain.
07.03.06 DeSalvo, a stiltwalker and attorney, hoped to enhance his presence.
06.30.06 The "idea guy" at the firm.
06.28.06 Court reporter faces a decision about reading back testimony.
06.26.06 Some days Brockman couldn't resist messing with clients.
06.23.06 How to get on the fast-track to partnership.
06.21.06 The judge and counsel's voodoo doll.
06.19.06 The tiara was OK, but the magic wand ...
06.16.06 Margaret marched to a different drummer.
06.14.06 Murphy struggles through a Power-Pointer presentation.
06.12.06 At the firm, hierarchy was patently clear.
06.09.06 Mortiman's client asks him to copyright the document.
06.07.06 Quirky old Judge Hobson dons a Richard Nixon mask.
06.05.06 Equity partners view model for new building crowned with a statue.
06.02.06 Perfect whiplash case, but with difficult damages.
05.31.06 Firm's biggest client unexpectedly plays the "I Want Candy" drum piece.
05.29.06 Circumstantial evidence and the Chocolate Ritz Torte.
05.26.06 A gargoyle complicates the computation of actual damages.
05.24.06 Why Weatherspoon was cross with witnesses.
05.22.06 An offbeat remake of King Kong features King Counsel.
15.19.06 New dress policy: "Costume" Friday?
05.17.06 Frankenstein claims to be an heir.
05.15.06 Fed up with lawyer jokes referencing sharks.
05.12.06 Judge de la Rosa's unnerving hand puppet at sentencing hearings.
05.10.06 Desk size competition at the firm.
05.08.06 Lorenzo the ventriloquist is sworn in as a witness.
05.05.06 Judge Bathington alleviates the tedium of trial.
05.03.06 Troutmeister makes a presentation.
05.01.06 Bernstein and Edwards realize their expert witness is problematic.
04.28.06 Gambioni was a take-no-prisoners negotiator with one insecurity.
04.26.06 Calling the next witness at mock trial.
04.24.06 The old "rolling your eyes at opposing counsel's questions trick."
04.21.06 Michaelson sensed the mediation was in trouble.
04.19.06 Doolittle promotes himself in TV ads as "The Lone Lawyer."
04.17.06 The competition among trial counsel over flag pins.
04.14.06 Cheerleader dolls and opposing counsel.
04.12.06 Judge times oral arguments in unusual way.
04.10.06 Judge's playful bailiff pulls of a practical joke on her.
04.07.06 Lead counsel prevails, but split with co-counsel over strategy evident.
04.05.06 The goat's reume was unusual for a law firm, but he had an innate talent.
04.03.06 Senior partner on how psychological fears don't recognize success.
Legendary hourly billings
03.29.06 Mediation presentation.
Clown files pre-trial motion.
Morgansteen was inept at disguising his questioning.
03.22.06 Method of cross-examination wrecks opposing counsel concentration.
Prepared for a grueling cross-examination.
03.17.06 Court reporter takes extreme measures to change things.
03.15.06 Learning of prosecutorial misconduct in the Moussaoui trial.
03.13.06 Smithers was unclear on concept of submitting briefs.
03.10.06 Malcom wondered if his partners respected him.
03.09.06 Jury selection made easy...when the panel relates to you.
03.07.06 Chief Justice Roberts, compelled speech and campus military recruiters.
03.03.06 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozes to delight of Scalia and Alito.
03.01.06 Lady Justice has an idea for Anna Nicole Smith after her SOTUS visit.
02.27.06 Lawyers work all weekend on the Dubai Ports delay deal.
02.24.06 Former Attorney General John Ashcroft has new career as lobbyist.
02.22.06 Overtime claims drafted by associates who don't get overtime.
02.20.06 How to become a graymail specialist like one of Scooter Libby's lawyers.
02.16.06 Scalia: have to be an idiot to believe the Constitution is living organism.
02.15.06 Mark Lanier proposes supplementing Jury payments Vioxx trial.
02.14.06 Scalia on safe hunting with Cheney.
02.13.06 Spence trial seminar.

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