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Outgunned at Negotiations Patent Lawyers Talk Dirty War Stories at Mediation Ouija Board Strategy Swiss Army Briefcase

Holding Breath at Mediation Matador Sues Bull Mediation Posturing Key Man Insurance Depo Rainmaker Closes Deal

Medical Expert Quack Mediation Openings Bobblehead Lawyer Python Depo Quesitons The Winds of Change

Bonding with Associates Meetings Post-Downsizing Divorce Client Drones On Clients Ask Hourly Fee Doppleganger Divorce

Voting With Your Feet Fear of Being Deequitized The Tip Jar at Firm Meeting Scoring Cross- Examination Cross-Exam Easter Bunny

Sex Change to Gray Guy Expert Challenge Doing "The Wave" Alone Contempt?  Entertainment? Law Firm's Gang Signs

Recuse Judge "Tiny" Tamez Fruitful Cross-Examination One-Tenth Hour Life Softening Up Opposition Mediation All-Nighter

Practice Tanks, What Next? Good Cop/ Bad Cop Routine Excessive Celebration Reviving Profitability Big Elf Discrimination

The Cornered Witness Pretrail Posturing Team Attorney-Client Relationship Bill Spreads his Wings IP Lawyers Talking Dirty

Punies on Appeal Taping Will Signing The Humpty Dumpty Case Mediation Noogies Testimony Hearsay?

Final Friendly Divorce Won't Make Partner Frog Judge & The Princess Sleep Clinic Arguments The Dress Code and the Hat

Rainmaker Humor Counsel Hold Hands Clients Out To Recess Jury Wears Mouse Ears The Dress Code and the Hat

Mime's Deposition Clerk Files the Motion Disrupting Questioning Need More Jury Strikes High-Heels Mediation

Cross-Dressing Memo Co-Counsel Acts Invisible Man sees IP Lawyer Working the Mediator Judge Wants to Roll Dice

State Judge Acts Out Bulldog Barks Cross The Big-Idea Bulb Depo Going Good or Bad? Expert Witness Hot Air Effect

Inattentive Mediator Crossing the Sock Puppet Mediation Obstruction ADR One-On-One Suck Oxygen Out of Room

Cross-X Of Bunny Witness Hometowned Frisbee Lying About Boss' Ideas Rainmaker's Dilemma Samurai Mediation

Managing Divorce Clients Judge Moves Docket Along Bickering Counsel Derailed Mediation Catrina Does Cat Wills

Mediator Plays Both Sides Judge Time: No Continuances Judge Claus stuffs Stockings Lawyer Christmas Playinig Taps for the P&L

Lying Clients' Fake Halos Getting Hometowned Mediator Uses Last Tool Nunchuck Presentation The Wave for Evasive Witness

The Q&A Degenerated Judicial Bench Wind Farms Dating Laywers Arrange Date. Firm Hierarchy Apparent Partnership Dissolution

Knowing about the Mediator Studying the Fine Print Judge Serling: The Trial Zone Mediation, Bad Beginning Conjoined Double-Billing

Client Input on Contract Name-Calling Before the Jury Hot Air Argument Tire Expert Consultant Managing Parnter

Mediation Peacemaker Estate Planning for Gangstas The Elephant in The Room I.P. Lawyers Flirting Discretionary Rulings

Hard Hats in Courtroom Local Rules on Mouse Ears Weeding the Firm Parry and Thrust with Expert Exposing Firm's Rebel

Disrupting Cross-Exam Implementing Partners' Plans Inauspicious Mediation Appellate Argument Taking Depo Seriously

Uniform Firm Image D.R. Mediator Plays Dolls Cross-Exam Happy Face Potted Plant Directors Disqualifying the Judge

Bickering Counsel Abuse of Discretion Swashbuckler Imga Surveillance Photograph Partners & Associates

Living Trust ... Too Late Third Chair Retaliates Practice Forecasts Gitmo Detainee Lawyers Leadership Rebellion

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Law Comix cartoonist Charles Fincher was commissioned to do the fantasy painting of constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky shown in the above ad.